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The Journey into Fatherhood

When I first started freelancing the last thing on my mind was kids, my thoughts were more focused on more immediate issues, issues like “will I earn enough to eat meat this […]

Check me out in this months Net Magazine

As I attempt to write this blog post I am balanced rather precariously on my Wife’s pregnancy exercise ball, experiencing this new fad of using them as a replacement for an […]

Are you really paying for a bespoke design?

  It’s a pretty simple question really, and one that you should be able to answer with 100% confidence, but can you? The web design industry (like so many others) is […]

Six WordPress plugins I can’t live without

I’ve been a freelance web designer for a little over a year now and in that time I’ve built a fair amount of websites, about 90% of which are built on WordPress […]

Why you should hire me

Another Friday another blog post, this time it’s about why you should hire me for your next web design project. I’ve compiled a list of five reasons below so sit back […]

Why Bespoke Web Design Can’t be Terminated

There are plenty of articles around at the moment suggesting that the time of the web designer may well be coming to an end. With an ever increasing plethora of online […]

Freelance Web Design Costs

In my previous blog post I tackled a question I get asked a lot “So why should I choose a freelance web designer over an agency?” This time I decided to […]