Why you should hire me

Another Friday another blog post, this time it’s about why you should hire me for your next web design project. I’ve compiled a list of five reasons below so sit back grab a coffee (or Green Tea), put your feet up and enjoy the ride with help from Frank Drebin of Police Squad.

1) Web Design that’s straight to the point

Web Design that's straight to the point

I won’t dazzle you with technical terms or try to blind you with science, all you will get from me is my most honest opinion on what I think will benefit your business the most, time is a precious commodity and I prefer not to waste either of ours.

2) An Emergency Services response time

An Emergency Services response time

Before, During and even long after your project has ended I will always be available to support you either by phone, email or in person (geography permitting). I also pride myself of answering any and all communications within one hour of receiving them during office hours*.

3) Support long after the website has launched

Support long after the website has launched

I work hard at making sure my clients are happy with their finished websites, that’s why I provide them with a 30 day warranty on all works to fix any issues or bugs that may arise. 30 days not long enough? I also offer on-going support packages which also include backups, content changes and keeping everything up to date for a very reasonable fee.

4) No Hidden Surprises

No Hidden Surprises

Right from the get go I make sure that we both know what we are getting out of the process. Together we will build a solid brief of requirements to make sure that you never have any unexpected surprises when it comes to paying your bill, however I’m also happy to be flexible and I encourage fluidity in the creative process so I will never limit you to your earliest ideas, I’ll just make sure that you know upfront how much everything will be and how long it will take.

5) A detective level of achieving results

A detective level of achieving results

I make sure that every new project I take on will be my best yet, this doesn’t mean that your website will just be another trophy piece for my portfolio, but that my main goal is for your business to grow and evolve with the new website.

So there are just a few reasons why you should hire me as a freelance web designer to help out on your next project, if you want more reasons check out my work or get in touch with me and we can discuss your requirements.

*Based on a 9-5 working day Monday-Friday