Another HDA, another award, another great night

It seems like only Yesterday I was writing a post about winning best small business website at last years HDA’s, but now here we are again, a year later and I’ve picked up an award in the “Website: Sports & Entertainment” category at the 2016 Hertfordshire Digital Awards for my work on Cassiobury Tennis Club.

A lot has happened since the last HDA’s, biggest of all being the birth of my first offspring, which is probably the main reason these awards have come round again so quickly! Although it’s also partly because of the fact that I’ve been so flipping busy this year (I’ll have loads of stuff to enter next year!).

This year the event took place at the University of Hertfordshire, now I’d like to say that I know this place like the back of my hand but having never gone to university, I was as lost as Bambi in a forest fire. Luckily I ran into a couple of lovely ladies from who were just as lost as me. The university is an impressive place but honestly the signposting is pretty shit, we were looking for a “De Havilland suite” but was it signposted anywhere? Not that I could see! We ended up joining another group event for something called Flare which didn’t feel right at all, but we clocked on pretty quick and got directions to the suite.

There was another reason why I was looking forward to this event besides the awards and that was getting the chance to meet my web hosting company. I’ve been using Nimbus Hosting for about 4 years as they were the host of choice for Mulberry Advertising, so when I went freelance I made sure to keep using them. I admit I left for a while, but I honestly couldn’t find another host with more technical knowledge or better customer service than Nimbus. So it was good to finally meet Tim and Peter and the rest of the Nimbus gang, all in all, another great HDA and not just because of the free food.

So thanks again to all the sponsors and everyone responsible that make the Hertfordshire Digital Awards possible, I’m sure I’ll be entering again next year!

Oh yeah, congrats to all the other winners as well!