Westfield Group

The Brief

I was approached by Westfield Group as they were looking to create a sustainable website for their new Good Festival. The website was designed from the ground up to be as sustainable as possible. The website performed brilliantly being a whopping 95% cleaner than other tested sites and only generating 0.07g of Co2 per visit.

The micro-site became a testament to the power of green development, showcasing how innovative and eco-conscious approaches can transform digital spaces. By utilising energy-efficient servers, optimising code, and employing sustainable hosting solutions, we ensured that the site itself exemplified the principles it aimed to promote.

Westfield’s commitment to sustainability resonated deeply with my own sustainable web design values, making this collaboration a truly rewarding experience. By combining cutting-edge technology, design expertise, and a shared passion for environmental stewardship, we set out to create a micro-site that would captivate and inspire individuals to join the movement toward a more sustainable future.

Agency: Freelance

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What I did

  • CMS
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
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